How to measure your face for a face mask

Guide To Measure for a face covering

Please follow our simple Guide to Measure for a Face Covering.It is important that you take two measurements of your face when choosing a face covering.

Please use a soft tape measure to check your size.  If you do not have a soft tape available, please use a piece of string or ribbon and measure the length carefully against a rule.

(1) Measure the width of the face.  In the diagram you can see the Tragus forms part of the ear.  Please measure from Tragus to Tragus, dipping under the nose and holding the tape snug against the face.

(2) Measure the depth of your face.  Hold the tape at the bridge of the nose and come down the centre of the nose to the bottom of the chin.  Avoid measuring down the side of your nose as this will not give the right measurement.

Once you have taken these two measurements, you can check to see if the standard sizes will fit.  Generally, the (M) fits the men and the (S) fits the women. Children are mostly covered under the three children’s sizes C1, C2 or C3.

However, if you require a different size, please enter your details in the box marked ‘Other’ and I will make your order to fit the sizes given.

If you have any further queries, please contact me direct.

Please measure
1) from Tragus under the nose to Tragus on other side
2) bridge of nose to bottom of chin

Type Name Tragus to Tragus Depth
Man Medium 29 cm 15 cm
Ladies Small 25 cm 13.5 cm
Childs C3 25cm 12 cm
C2 23 cm 10.5 cm
C1 21 cm 9.5 cm

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