What you need to know about buying dog coats

Ann’s coats are lovingly handmade to order and she likes to create the perfect coat for your fur-baby. Simply pick from the two styles, choose the outer fabric and select your co-ordinated or contrasting lining. During the ordering process you will need to enter the dog’s measurements and whether a harness hole in the back of the coat is required.

How to measure your dog before you buy a dog coat Cur Coats Boutique, Sizing Chart


Four measurements are required:

(1)  Dog standing, measure from the top of the collar to the base of the tail (if your dog does not wear a collar please tie a ribbon around the neck and measure from the top of the ribbon)

(2)  Measure the neck girth, on top of the collar

(3)  Around widest part of the girth / tummy

(4)  Around the hip girth (in front of the back legs)

All coats are made to measure, to order and you can enter your four measurements on each product page.

Please ensure your dog is standing when you take the measurements and you are using a soft tape measure.

If you don’t have a soft tape measure please use a piece of string/ribbon and measure this against a rule.You should allow a space for two fingers to be inserted inside the tape around the neck tummy and hips.

If you require a harness hole this will also need to be measured and added to the order. Unless stated otherwise the harness hole will run vertically down the coat.

It is helpful to add the breed of your dog.You can attach a photo of your dog if you wish when ordering.

At the back of the coat there is a loop for hanging it up.

Please do not put the dog’s tail through this loop!

If you require any further information on our Guide to Buying Dog Coats, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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