Face Covering and Cosy Collars for all the family.

Whether you are walking the dog alone or with your family, why not cosy up with our range of family favourites.

Our cosy collars are perfect when walking or exercising as no one want’s a cold neck. Choose from the Cosy Collar range for a Snood that will suit your style and comfort. All machine washable.

Check out our All-in-one Everyday FlexiSnood

The FlexiSnood is the ‘go to’ all-in-one everyday snood. Made from polyester or cotton jersey this snood can be worn double round the neck or pulled up over the nose and ears. Rainbow of Colours co-ordinated to match your dog’s fleece garments or trendy animal prints.

The must have FashFleece for all Dog Walkers

The Fashionable FashFleece is a ‘must have’ for dog walkers who have chosen the animal print collars on their Cur Cosy dog attire. Also available in a range of bright colours. Get the ‘Combo Set’ for you and your Pet.

Guy’s also feel the cold and a neat Gent’s Fleecy Short Collar to tuck inside the shirt, is a neat and comfortable way of staying warm. You won’t want to take it off, it’s so cosy, discreet and easy to wear.

Still a huge demand for Made to Measure Face Coverings

Face Coverings are still a popular choice for all the family. Made to measure using the sizing model to ensure comfortable fit. Huge fabric catalogue, including children’s favourites, sports team logos and individual designs for wedding attire.

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