Cosy Collars for Indoor or Outdoor.

We have got you wrapped for every occasion with our Cosy Collars range!
Whether you love feeling cosy indoors or love to wrap up for a brisk walk outside, we have a Cosy Collar for every occasion.

Unisex FlexiSnood

This unisex FlexiSnood is an ‘all-in-one’ polyester fabric tube. This lightweight activity garment is a favourite among sporty types and even for the ladies around the house who just want a ‘little something’ around their neck.  That is me!  It is also available in cotton jersey.
It can be pulled up over the nose and ears when outside to offer protection from the elements. 50 cm long.

FashFleece Hybrid Neck Warmer

Designed in response to customer demand to bridge the gap between a full scarf and a snood, the FashFleece is the perfect, easy to wear alternative.

FashFleece Neck Warmer from the Cosy Collar range can be used on its own or with the FlexiSnood for extra, extra warmth, particularly if you have short hair!
Wear your cuddle soft animal print or plain fleece with pride – matching your Dog’s Jumper, Suit or Tankie. 30 cm long

Fleecy Short Collar for Gents

This one-size collar is neat and comfortable and sits well inside a shirt, sweatshirt or outdoor jacket, when folded in half. Once worn, he will not take it off!  Made from premium quality, anti-pill semi-stretch fleece.
Can also be worn loose and cuddly as shown in the photo. 20 cm long

Note: every product is handcrafted so sizes may vary slightly.

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