Coming Out of Lockdown, How Will Your Puppy Behave?

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Coming out of lockdown is becoming the norm for us humans. Most importantly, how do you think your pets will cope?

Those of you who have acquired a puppy during the last year or so, during lockdown, may be concerned how they will behave, when suddenly left alone in the house, when you head back to work; leaving them home alone!

Three years ago, we brought Mia, my Cockapoo, into our home.  She was 10 weeks old. Most importantly, she settled very quickly and had our full attention during the day and slept peacefully in her crate at night.

How lucky are we, we thought? Mia believes I am her adopted Mum and she is happy to follow me everywhere around the house, never leaving my side?

Mia started puppy classes at 12 weeks oldPoppy Summer Suit with Stars Summer Dog Wear

At 12 weeks we started puppy classes with Ann at SDBC. These weekly classes where hugely beneficial. The old saying ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ was proven to be the case.

Mia responded well in the classes. She did not even mind me wrapping bandages around her legs in the first aid class. Learned ‘Park It’ position very quickly. Her ‘recall skills’  are now excellent, unless there is  pheasant in sight!  We had such fun practicing every day at home, knowing that ‘teacher’ would know if we did not.

Here is a photo of Mia showing off one of my new Summer French Terry, Lightweight Dog Summer Suits.

Doggy Day Care Training Centre

Upon leaving class one week, Ann said she thought Mia appeared anxious, when separated from me. From this initial observation I attended a consultation at the centre and Mia started to attend day care training. Coming out of lockdown, Mia thrived at Stirling Dog Behavioural Centre where they offer individual training programs, tailored to suit your own dog.

Three years on and Mia gets all excited when we ask her ‘are you going to school today’?  Furthermore, I am thrilled to say, Mia is now a balanced happy, well trained pet, despite my initial ignorance!  She is so excited to meet up with her pals in day care. She even helps to socialise new puppies sometimes on her weekly visit.

Training and care

At every stage of Mia’s development, she has gained immensely from the training we received.  She continually surprises us. I cannot praise Ann and her team enough for all their dedicated attention, knowledge and methods of training and care.

How Will Your Puppy Behave Coming Out of Lockdown?

Coming out of lockdown with Stirling Dog Behavioural Centre

If you need help with general day care for your pet or have specific needs that require attention, I highly recommend you contact Ann and her team at Stirling Dog Behavioural Centre | Training | Puppy

How did your pets cope with coming out of lockdown?

We would love to hear your stories and feedback. Let us know how you get on with your own beloved pets.

4 thoughts on “Coming Out of Lockdown, How Will Your Puppy Behave?

  1. Laurna Milne says:

    A really interesting article Ann, I know I will struggle without Lola by my side when I return to the office and while she has Daddy at home, I think it will take a while for her to return to a normal routine, no matter how well adjusted she is. She has formed new habits and is very aware when even one of us leaves the house. Love Mia’s coat, by the way, super cute!

  2. Andrea Hunt says:

    I think the dogs would have loved all the working from home. It’s going to be a big adjustment for them now. I wonder if people will start seeing chewing and other anxiety related behaviours?

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