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Comfy Cushions

Dog Cushion Cover


Comfy Cushions for your Beloved Pet

Why not treat yourself to one of my Comfy Cushions?

I mean, why not treat your loved one to a Comfy Cushion to curl up on and dose off to sleep…

By ‘loved one’ of course, I mean your Pet!  At Cur Coats I make these lovely soft cushions for either your cat or your dog to snuggle and be so very Cosy.

The idea of the Super Soft Cuddle Fleece Cushions came about from a customer wishing to add to her existing Dog Bed Collection by having a portable bed they could move around the house. In particular she said, “the Comfy Cushion fits well next to my bed and saves moving my fur-baby’s main bed around, which is too cumbersome and heavy”.

It can also be thrown in the car as a Comfy Cushion on the back seat.

Washable Fabrics used on all our Fleece Cushions

The top layer of the cushions is made from beautiful Cuddle Fleece that is fully washable. There are three fabric designs to choose from and the bottom half is made from a hard-wearing premium quality Sweatshirt Fleece fabric: again, in three colour ways. The two layers are sewn together with a zipper opening, giving you easy access to the inner cushion. The inner cushion can also be washed in the washing machine.

Inner Cushion – Memory Foam Crumb for Comfort and Softness

The inner cushion is hand filled with Memory Foam Crumb.  Due to the bounce-back nature of memory foam the cushion will not go flat, making it plump and soft.

I make the cushions in 3 sizes and is oval shaped.

The outer cover can be purchased separately if you fancy a change of pattern or wish to replace the original outer cover on a cushion pad you already own.

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